Literature, Visual Art, and Music Appreciation

Literature, Visual Art, and Music Appreciation


Catching Light revolves around literature, visual art, and music appreciation. Every two to four times a month, it offers a close reading analysis of artworks that paint an accurate portrait of human nature and capture real human experience, hence allowing catharsis and discourse to transpire. By sharing its insights, it hopes to help orient people live in the way they deem right for themselves and society, and affirms the responsibility of art and the artist to their audience.

Catching Light also tackles craft. Art is in the slant telling, that quiet space, that welcomes the audience to linger in the work and find truths.


Hi! I’m Stephanie Shi, the woman running Catching Light. I like to write and immerse myself in art, from literature, the visual arts, to music. I write and edit articles for my day job, and these have been published in Town&CountryCosmopolitan Philippines’s website Cosmo.phand Rogue, to name a few. My literary essays have appeared in HeightsPlural Prose Journal, and High Chair. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, and have received a writing award, the Loyola Schools Award for the Arts for Creative Writing (Nonfiction), and some writing fellowships, like the Ateneo National Writers Workshop.